Jewell's Country Market up for sale

A farm market and plant nursery north of Charlottetown, a destination for seedlings and ice cream for close to 20 years, is now on the market itself.

Jewell's Country Market will open in April for its 19th season, but owner Edwin Jewell hopes it will soon be operating under new management.

The $1.9 million price tag includes the building, the property, and the brand. It continues to be a successful business, he said, and he expects whoever buys it won't make significant changes.

"I've had a great run of success with Jewell's Country Market and enjoyed it very much," he said.

"I would expect it would continue on pretty much the same."

Focusing on new business

Jewell is selling the market to focus on a new business, Canada's Island Garden, P.E.I.'s only licensed marijuana producer.

"I've got two opportunities in front of me right now," said Jewell.

"It's hard to be in two places at the same time. Especially with the cannabis business, it's so new it's hard to delegate to somebody else."

With a legalization date for marijuana announced, Jewell is looking ahead to a major expansion at Canada's Island Garden.

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