Jimmy Kimmel Shares 3-year-old Son's Struggle with Health as He Urges Americans to Vote from Heart

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As the crucial Presidential Election Day of the United States approaches, celebrities and public figures in America are urging their fellow citizens to make sure that they vote. Comedian and host of The Late Night Show, Jimmy Kimmel also urged his country people to cast their ballot in his own unique way.

In a recent video posted by Kimmel, the comedian has drawn people’s attention to the importance of health care amidst pandemic. He shared videos and photos detailing his three-year-old son’s health battles in an effort to encourage Americans to vote in the upcoming election.

Kimmel said that with the daily distractions of President Donald Trump’s bizarre statements, Americans should not forget that something as important as healthcare should be insured for people with pre-existing medical conditions. He then showed a video segment that traced the complications his and wife Molly McNearney’s son William Billy John has faced since birth.

Kimmel has always advocated for healthcare cost coverage for those who could not afford it and the cause became more personal when his own son Billy had to undergo three heart surgeries after he was born with a congenital heart condition. Billy suffers from Tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia, with his first surgery taking place just days after he was born.

The video made by Kimmel’s wife shows Billy’s journey since birth, as an infant in the NICU, as well as footage from some of his more than 60 doctor appointments over three years. The family said how unlike them, many Americans could not afford to provide healthcare to their loved ones who suffer from life-threatening diseases, like cancer, and heart conditions among others.

It was an emotional video which showed the complicated medical procedures Billy had to go through when he was just an infant. Appreciating the video, one user commented, “Beautiful video Jimmy and Molly. Made me cry. I hope all of America watches this and pays attention. I have been a nurse for over 40 years and know the struggle firsthand. Thank you for sharing your story.”

Another follower also urged Americans to vote and said, “God bless you and yours VOTE BLUE please if for nothing else ..please vote blue to protect people that need health care coverage and also have pre-existing conditions.”