Jingle all the way – through the pandemic

·1 min read

One Islander is celebrating the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic on P.E.I. with a brand-new musical reminder for everyone to wash their hands and wear a mask.

The idea came to Gus Hillstrom after a visit to his mother, 94-year-old Loretta Hillstrom, at Whisperwood Villa in Charlottetown.

“I was very worried that COVID would get into Whisperwood, so I wrote the jingle to remind myself and others what to do to keep my mother, and all long-term care residents and staff, safe from COVID-19,” he said.

He contacted the public health office and took his time crafting the words to make sure the jingle was correct and catchy.

“I hope it will be an immediate and constant reminder to us all to do the simple, basic, preventive actions.”

Alison Jenkins, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Journal-Pioneer