Joe Biden Continued His Rally Despite Pouring Rain and It's Winning the Internet

Buzz Staff
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With just three days to go before the counting, both current US President Donald Trump as well as former vice-President and current Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, took to holding rallies in Florida.

Campaigning hours apart in Florida, a state all but essential to the Republican’s pathway to another term, both candidates urged supporters to get to polling places in person, even as a tropical storm interrupted early voting in the Southeast.

“You hold the power. If Florida goes blue, it’s over,” Biden told supporters Thursday.

Trump and Biden both visited the western end of the Florida’s Interstate 4 corridor, an area known for rapid residential growth, sprawling suburbs and its status as an ever-changing, hard-fought battleground during presidential elections.

The president had been scheduled to hit another sunbelt battleground state, North Carolina, on Thursday evening but canceled his event in Fayetteville as Tropical Storm Zeta brought wind gusts reaching 50 mph to the area.

Biden was forced to wrap his speech up early at a drive-in rally at the Florida State Fairgrounds In Tampa after a brief shower turned into a torrential downpour.

Unlike Trump's largely mask-less rally, Biden's “drive-in” rally, where attendees remained in or near their cars to avoid the possible spread of the virus, was his second such event of the day in Florida. Supporters at the event wore masks, as required by Biden’s campaign, although they did not always maintain social distancing.

Several videos from the rally, showed Biden continue to talk in the rain, before officials asked him to wrap it up - and people couldn't get enough, with several pointing out that he's a leader "unafraid" to get his hair wet.

Biden too, used the rain to his advantage, posting a photo on Twitter, captioning it: 'This storm will pass, and a new day will come.'

Biden heads later in the week to three more states Trump won in 2016: Iowa, Wisconsin and then Michigan, where he’ll hold a joint Saturday rally with former President Barack Obama. Biden’s campaign also announced he will visit Minnesota Friday, hours before Trump holds a rally in one of the few Clinton-voting states Trump is hoping to pick up this year.

(With inputs from Reuters and AP)