Joe Feiner ends his Town Hall hunger strike

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He made his point.

After camping out for two weeks at the New Tecumseth Town Hall and going on a hunger strike, Joe Feiner, ended his protest surrounded by a group of supporters on Sunday, April 25.

Mr. Feiner had camped out on the side entrance of the building since April 11.

He is the spokesperson for the Peaceful Warriors of New Tecumseth – a Facebook group opposed to the building of the proposed new Town of New Tecumseth administration building.

The group has circulated a petition calling for a halt to the plans for a new Administration Centre and directing funds to other needed projects in the Town.

“Today is day one, to bring awareness to our group and bring awareness to the Township and the decision making of Council,” Mr. Feiner explained at the start of his hunger strike. “Right now, because of what I'm doing it, it's about everything we're up against. Starting from the south end of our Township, from bringing in contaminated soil, to the water in Tottenham to no bus in Tottenham, and the MZO in Tottenham and Beeton, and turning parkland into residential lots in Beeton. We want to bring awareness to the fact that we don't have a voice.”

Although members of Council did approach Mr. Feiner during his strike, a requested meeting did not happen as they couldn't agree on a meeting being video taped.

On April 19, the Town issued a statement where Mayor Rick Milne said, “While we respect our resident's right to peaceful protest, we are concerned for Joe's health. We are urging Mr. Feiner to stop his hunger strike, put his health first and take care of himself.”

Mr. Feiner said the hunger strike was planned for two weeks, and despite having no solid food, he felt great.

“It brought awareness to Council, and all the experiences were are experiencing around the township,” Mr. Feiner said. “Physically, I feel wonderful. I've trained for this. This is years of mind and body conditioning. I can't do any more – it would serve no purpose to sit here any longer. From here, we keep going, build some momentum, get some more awareness out there, send some more fliers, keep on our Facebook and website.”

Supporters escorted Mr. Feiner home with a parade of vehicles to end the strike.

Brian Lockhart, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, New Tecumseth Times