Joe Scarborough Reveals Despairing Messages From Top Republicans During GOP Debate

The co-hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Thursday offered a damning analysis of the second Trumpless Republican 2024 primary debate.

Mika Brzezinki called it “a mess.”

Joe Scarborough said he’d received messages and calls from Republicans — including one leader, who he didn’t name — who all said the same thing: “What a mess. What an embarrassment. What a disaster.”

Willie Geist recalled the candidates “talking over each other” and some “very cringey moments, awkward moments.”

It looked like “the kids table where they’re all fighting for second place as Donald Trump sits comfortably at home,” Geist added. “And you watch that, you watch it and you ask yourself,’ Why would Donald Trump ever participate in that debate with the lead he has?’ Why would he, you know, step into that fight?”

Jonathan Lemire, meanwhile, described the debate as “chaotic,” “messy” and “sloppy.”

Trump, facing four felony indictments, has skipped both GOP debates, citing his commanding lead in polls.