Joel's big night, Jayson's tech & Bane's bad break | Tip-off with Titus

Yahoo Fantasy basketball analyst Dan Titus looks at some of the biggest stories in the game the last couple of weeks -- from Joel Embiid's 100-point fantasy night, to Jayson Tatum's crazy technical, Desmond Bane's injury and the Thunder's revolving door rotation.

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DAN TITUS: Welcome to "Tip Off with Titus." We are a month into the NBA season. I'm going to take a quick tour around the NBA over the last couple of weeks, from a fantasy perspective. So let's go right into the shootaround.

Darius Garland dropped a career high 51 points. But he was 1 up by Joel Embiid, the same night, where he dropped a monster line. 59 points, 11 rebounds, 8 assists, with 7 blocks.

According to NBA Fantasy, the most fantasy points in a game since Shaquille O'Neal, in 1993. And Stephen Curry is back atop the fantasy throne. He is the number one fantasy player in week 5, at the tender age of 34.

So let's go into my next segment, Say What? Word just came out of Memphis that Desmond Bane is going to be re-evaluated in two or three weeks, after sustaining a foot injury.

- This one really stings.

DAN TITUS: Horrible news for fantasy managers. He was 34th in per-game value. I'm expecting that usage to really be spread amongst the Memphis Grizzlies starters.

Maybe we see more Jon Konchar, or Tyus Jones. But also on the Memphis front, Jaren Jackson Jr. will be making his debut in week five.

- Solid entrance.

DAN TITUS: So he's beating his timeline from his meniscus injury. So I fantasy managers that stashed him for quite some time were happy to see him back on the court. So in other news, Jayson Tatum was assessed probably the most ridiculous technical foul in recent memory.

- Say what?

DAN TITUS: So much so, that Kevin Durant had to live tweet it when it was happening. I mean, just ridiculous. He was clapping his hands, frustrated from a previous possession where he missed a layup. And to get a technical? Come on.

- Yeah.

DAN TITUS: And Tyler Herro? Sir, we need a word. I know you're not in the lineup right now, but what are you doing?

Throwing alley-oops to Udonis Haslem? This man is 42 years old. He has not dunked a basketball in four seasons.

Four seasons. I fact checked this. It's four seasons. What are you doing?

- Rain dance!

DAN TITUS: And the last one. As a fan of the game, I thought it was hilarious. But as someone that rosters Anthony Edwards, it's becoming extremely frustrating to see him so disengaged in the game.

And why is he standing around looking like that one meme of that guy standing at the server, looking at a bunch of wires. Like, that that's what this looks like to me. Like, Anthony Edwards, phenomenal talent. He's definitely underperforming right now, and the Minnesota Timberwolves are a hot mess.

But I think he's going to right the ship. If there's an opportunity to buy low on Anthony Edwards, I would certainly do it. He's definitely going to correct. He's definitely going to course correct here. But yeah, this was just one that stood out to me. Like, say what?

And to close out this week's show, we're going to do As the Fantasy World Turns. Can you trust the Oklahoma City Thunder? Fantasy managers have grown extremely frustrated by Mark Daigneault's revolving door of a rotation between Lou Dort and Alexsej Pokusevski, Aaron Wiggins, Jeremiah Robinson-earl, the list goes on.

I'm here to tell you that Alexsej Pokusevski is a man that needs to be rostered in all 10 and 12 team points in head-to-head leagues. Right now he's 61% rostered. You know, he provides points, 3's, and a ton of stocks.

- You admit, I'm talented.

DAN TITUS: Make sure he's not on your waivers. Also, Lu Dort. 58% rostered. And he's still a great source of points, 3's, and steals. He's a fringe 10-team guy, but I would absolutely roster him in 12-team leagues.

And finally, the sleeper of the list, Jalen Williams. I think that he's going to continue to be a fixture of this rotation. He's a 6'6" point guard.

He's earned 30 minutes in two of his last three games. And I think there's a lot of opportunity for him to earn minutes on the floor guarding multiple positions, given his size.

- I'm ready to go in, coach.

DAN TITUS: So with that, I'll see you in a couple of weeks on "Tip Off With Titus."