Joey Chestnut destroys Coastal Carolina players in pizza eating contest after Texas State win

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Joey Chestnut
Joey Chestnut helped Coastal Carolina celebrate its win over Texas State on Saturday. (Angus Mordant/Reuters)

There’s a reason Joey Chestnut is considered the greatest competitive eater in the world.

Though Coastal Carolina players tried to knock off the longtime champion on Saturday afternoon, they didn’t even come close.

Three Coastal Carolina players — linebacker Silas Kelly, lineman Trey Carter and kicker Charles Ouverson — took on Chestnut after their 35-21 win over Texas State on Saturday in a two-minute pizza eating competition.

Naturally, Chestnut retained his title.

“You couldn’t have combined our other three guys and eaten what he did in two minutes,” coach Jamey Chadwell said, via Myrtle Beach Online. “It was pretty sweet though.”

Chestnut is the 14-time winner and reigning champion of the annual Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating contest, held every Independence Day at Coney Island in New York. He won in July while setting a new world record eating 76 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes.

The Chanticleers’ theme this week was “devouring” their opponent. After one of Chestnut’s friends reached out and asked if he could come and participate, and the team got the win, Chestnut’s appearance capped off the theme perfectly.

Though he knows he clearly got the win, Chestnut had good things to say about one of his opponents.

“Kelly, that guy’s an eater,” Chestnut said, via Myrtle Beach Online. “He’s definitely the best eater on the team, but I still put him down. I almost finished the whole pizza, but it had been sitting out a little bit and the crust was a little rough.”

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