John Bryant vying to become Tiny's next deputy mayor

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John Bryant is looking to be the next deputy mayor of Tiny Township, to be determined at the 2022 municipal election being held on October 24. (Previously, Steve Saltsman also entered the race for deputy mayor along with Sean Miskimmins.)

“I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the position of deputy mayor of Tiny Township in the upcoming 2022 election,” said Bryant.

“As a councillor for Tiny Township, I confidently meet the challenges facing our community to ensure a better tomorrow. I am looking forward to more responsibility representing you at the County of Simcoe.

“My entire career, which has been multi-faceted, falls within the realm of municipal government with the goal of meeting the needs of local residents.

“My expertise is landscape architecture with a focus on planning and construction. This has enabled me to maintain parks, trails and waterfronts. Public consultation allows a community to thrive. This philosophy will guide me when elected.

“My cheery disposition and gregarious nature will certainly be two strong suits while I listen to your issues, concerns and suggestions for the upcoming four-year term.

“With your support and my dedication as deputy mayor, Tiny Township will have a bright future,” said Bryant.

Information on the Tiny municipal election can be found on the Township of Tiny website.

Derek Howard, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,