How John Cena trains to be a 25-time WWE champion

Dani Golub
Video Producer, Yahoo Lifestyle
How John Cena trains to be a 25-time WWE champion

John Cena isn’t just as strong as he looks — he’s stronger. Ever wonder how he gets so ripped? Yeah, same here. Luckily, the answers are revealed in this week’s episode of Off Season.

Whether you call him “the face of WWE” or “The Champ,” one thing is certain: Cena’s fierce workouts have made him the badass multi-hyphenate he is today. And to get to the top, his fitness routine focuses on lifting heavy weights and bodybuilding at least five days a week, typically for 60- to 90-minute sessions.

However, Cena doesn’t do it all by himself. Rather, his secret weapon behind his chiseled bod is trainer Rob MacIntyre. MacIntyre works closely with several Olympic athletes, WWE superstars, and record-holding powerlifters. The pair trains together at a private training facility called Hard Nocks South.

MacIntyre breaks up Cena’s workouts by day and body part. On Monday, the Blockers star focuses on chest and back; Tuesday is focused on legs; Tuesday is focused on legs; Wednesday is for cardio and abs; Thursday (the killer) is strictly for Olympic-style lifting; and Friday is shoulders and arms. Sounds easy enough, right? Not when you’re lifting as heavy as Cena. His max bench press? Four hundred and eighty-one pounds! Yes, you read that right: 4-8-1.

As for his diet, Cena eats seven protein-heavy meals a day to stay energized. According to Muscle & Strength, this is what a typical day of Cena’s meals looks like:

  • Meal 1 — Oatmeal with applesauce and raisins, two whole eggs, and six egg whites
  • Meal 2 — Protein bar
  • Meal 3 — Brown rice with vegetables, and two chicken breasts
  • Meal 4 — Whole-wheat pita bread with tuna
  • Meal 5 — Banana and a whey protein shake
  • Meal 6 — Pasta or brown rice, vegetables, salad with chicken or fish
  • Meal 7 — Low-fat cottage cheese along with a casein protein shake

While his lifestyle might seem intense, the hardcore dedication Cena has displayed to his overall health has helped him win 25 championships throughout his WWE career. And if you want to get shredded like Cena, looks like you better get powerlifting!

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