John Gilchrist's top 10 new restaurants in Calgary

It's John Gilchrist's most anticipated column of the year — his list of the best new restaurants in Calgary. Competition was so tight for the best restaurant, Gilchrist declared it a tie.

Listen to Gilchrist's interview on CBC's Calgary Eyeopener as he goes through his year-end list of Calgary's best new restaurants. Click on the "Listen" button.

Candela — which means flame in Spanish — is a tapas-style restaurant featuring a lively atmosphere with a food concept of what the owners call global small plates.

1919 Fourth St. S.W.

Run by industry professionals, this place is a lovely, classy French bistro.

#105-550 11th Ave. S.W.

This Japanese-Italian bistro combines some interesting flavours, and features a great teriyaki Kobe beef burger.

709 Edmonton Tr. N.E.

Run by two Thai sisters, Thai On Zon — meaning awesome Thai — has opened a vegetarian restaurant in Cochrane with bright, lively food and rich flavours.

115 Fifth Ave. West

This restaurant features a young chef from Innisfail, Alta., who is really into local, seasonal fare and doing a great job.

628 Eighth Ave. S.W.

It's lively, it's big, it's loud and it's brassy, and has a big pizza oven in this restaurant that features casual Californian-Italian style cuisine.

1012 17th Ave. S.W.

It's a rustic eatery that looks like an "odd little Italian farmhouse," and John Michael Macneil — one of the top chefs in the city right now — is doing some really interesting things.

515 Eighth Ave. S.W.

With a bit of new style, this restaurant features big screens and a bar with some great southwest, contemporary cooking like grilled salmon with a red quinoa salad.

340 17th Ave. S.W.

One restaurant taking a different spin on diner cuisine is out in Inglewood. This eatery cooks up eggs benedict six different ways — including a seared duck breast egg benedict.

1420 Ninth Ave. S.E.

This new beer hall features more than 100 craft beers, and "really good food" — everything from pickled eggs to oysters.

550 17th Ave. S.W.

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