John Legend catches Chrissy Teigen flirting with 'Bring the Funny' contestant

NBC's brand new reality competition show Bring the Funny premiered Tuesday night, with undiscovered stand-up, variety and sketch comedy acts competing for the biggest laughs from the studio audience and the judges, which included one of our favorite social media personalities, Chrissy Teigen.

Teigen was having a great time, especially when 23-year-old Matt Rife hit the stage. Rife, who directed a large part of his bit towards Teigen, had a sweet smile and a charming demeanor, and Teigen was into it. Following his performance, Teigen stated, "I feel like a cougar."

Teigen said that, prior to Rife's bit, she had looked at fellow judge Kenan Thompson and told him, "You can't be handsome and funny. Like, that's just mean. That's not possible. And then you were." At that statement, third judge Jeff Foxworthy jokingly got up and walked off the judges' platform.

"You surprised me, honestly," Teigen told Rife. "I didn't know that you could have it all, but apparently you can." Of course, Teigen is happily married to John Legend, and it was a good thing he was there to remind her.

"You need to worry about this first comic that was on tonight," Foxworthy told Legend, who asked, "Oh, was he flirting with my wife?" Teigen interrupted, saying, "Don't tell John about Mike! Or Matt. Matt. Love of my life, Matt." And when Legend told his wife, "You don't even know his name," Teigen responded, "I don't need to know his name."

Flirting with the contestant wasn't the only thing Teigen was maybe getting in trouble for on Bring the Funny. The day before the premiere episode, Teigen accidentally leaked the entire first episode of the show, when she meant to just tweet out a short promo. Half an hour later, Teigen joked about being fired from the show, when she tweeted: "Well it looks like I have been fired for posting the whole thing thank u all for your kind texts and DMs please send job opportunities to same number" -@chrissyteigen

But it was all an innocent mistake and, for now, we really just need to keep an eye on this Matt Rife guy.