John Legend's 'Voice' artist gets so nervous before live performance she 'almost threw up'

It was "Fan Week" on The Voice Monday night as the final remaining artists performed live for America's votes. Among the top 11 was Team John Legend's Jershika Maple, who had fans fired up over her performance. Little did they know, Maple was so nervous before she went on stage that she almost made herself sick!

"I almost threw up, y'all. I've never had that happen before," admitted Maple.

Hard to believe Jershika was so nervous she was on the brink of throwing up after she totally killed her performance.

Maple was originally on Team Kelly Clarkson, who was kicking herself last week for letting Jershika go. And this week was no different, as Clarkson shared, "Your vocal runs, they are so special and specific to you, and cool as hell. Oh my God, you're incredible. He was right. The coaching, like, with the pain, that was such a good note for you. We're there with you. I didn't know that song at all and now I'm going to download it. It's amazing. You did such a great job."

As for her current coach, Legend told Maple, "What's so enjoyable is that we see somebody who really has mastered their craft. As a musician, and as a singer, it's just a joy to see someone so in their element, so empowered by how gifted they are, and the way that they take that gift and make something beautiful, and special, like you just did for us tonight. It was so great to watch. So great to see you being your full self and showing America everything you can do. It was stunning."

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