John Oliver calls out Trump for ‘truly evil’ treatment of immigrants seeking asylum

Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” examined the difficulties immigrants seeking asylum face in the U.S. Oliver specifically spoke on the Trump administration’s use of Title 42 to slow the immigration process.

“It's a provision that gives the government broad power to act during a public health crisis,” explained Oliver. “And the Trump administration is currently claiming that, because of the pandemic, it gives them the authority to shut down the border to virtually all migrants.”

Trump officials claim Title 42 is not directly related to immigration, and that the immirgation slowdown is merely a byproduct of managing the covid-19 pandemic.

“But a Trump official saying his actions have nothing to do with immigration is about as believable as Cookie Monster saying his actions have nothing to do with cookies,” said Oliver. “Because of course they do. They're the thing you're so obsessed with it literally makes you a monster.”