John Oliver goes after Democrats who are blocking Biden’s Build Back Better agenda

On Last Week Tonight Sunday with John Oliver Sunday, the host talked about the Build Back Better Act, a key part of President Biden’s agenda, and why it is in danger of being blocked.

And while there are at least two Senators who aren’t on board, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, Oliver said they aren’t even around to explain themselves. And now, with the bipartisan infrastructure bill on shaky ground as well due to the issues surrounding the Build Back Better Act, Oliver is demanding more from those who are standing in the way.

“This bill could materially benefit people's lives. And if you are blocking it, you owe people more than vague platitudes shouted from a boat, and a cutesy, ‘I'm in the senate,’ comment,” Oliver said. “Because if these two keep this s*** up, their window for saying, ‘I'm in the senate,’ may rapidly be closing.”

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