John Oliver lambastes 'fear baboon' Tucker Carlson for 'spreading bulls**t' about COVID vaccines

Stephen Proctor
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On Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Sunday, Oliver called out Fox News host Tucker Carlson for spreading misninformation about the COVID-19 vaccines. Despite the vaccines being shown to be safe and incredibly effective in the fight against COVID, Carlson has repeatedly sown doubt the efficacy of the vaccines, and even questioned the need for some groups to be vaccinated at all. He also supported Joe Rogan’s recent comments that “healthy 21-year-old” people should not get vaccinated.

“It is genuinely weird to see someone hosting a show on a supposed news network, and ending every sentence with a question mark. Especially when answers to most of those questions are out there for anyone who cares to know,” Oliver said, later adding, “The CDC is being cautious, and wants to be sure it's not spreading bulls**t around during a global pandemic like a frozen dinner duke with a TV show. Anyway, I hope that answers at least one of your gape-mouthed bad-faith wonderings, Tucker, you scrunch-faced fear baboon.”

Multiple polls show that a large number of Republicans have not been vaccinated and have no plans of doing so. Vaccine hesitancy is so rampant among Republicans, experts warn that the United States may not reach the threshold necessary for herd immunity, which will only prolong the pandemic.

“The problem is, when people like Tucker raise questions without bothering to answer them, there is a lot of misinformation out there for people to then stumble on,” Oliver said. “Anti-vaccine groups have been waiting for a moment like this to spread doubt.”

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