John Oliver Reminds Us Over And Over That Pete Hegseth Went To Princeton

John Oliver on Sunday mocked Pete Hegseth’s habit of mentioning that he attended Princeton.

The “Last Week Tonight” host introduced a segment featuring nothing but the Fox News personality boasting that he went to the Ivy League university.

“You’ll never guess where Fox’s Pete Hegseth went to college,” a narrator says, and by the time you’re done watching you’ll never want to hear about it again.

Nor will you want to hear anymore about his benchwarming basketball exploits. He averaged about a point a game in his Princeton career ― but did have a moment of glory in a 2003 game against Columbia.

Props to the laughter in the clip that turns sinister because blowing one’s horn can sound like a lot of hot air.

Oliver took jabs at another Fox News host the previous week, highlighting how often Rachel Campos-Duffy brings up that her husband, former Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.), was a member of Congress. Duffy resigned in 2019.