John Oliver slams Biden for not following through on refugee admissions promise

During his campaign, President Biden pledged to undo former President Trump’s stringent refugee restrictions. Mere weeks after his inauguration, Biden announced plans to quadruple admissions but as John Oliver pointed out on “Last Week Tonight,” Biden has yet to follow through on his promise.

“Until Biden signs that determination, they're still beholden to Trump's low admissions ceiling and bulls*** racist rules,” said Oliver. “And remember, these are vulnerable people who may have surrendered their belongings or homes in anticipation of leaving the country or who are waiting in camps.”

As refugees wait for asylum they are exposed to many dangers, particularly in the midst of a global pandemic. And Oliver hopes that Biden will make good on his word to sign a presidential determination to help as many refugees as possible.

“He just needs to sign a piece of paper,” Oliver exclaimed. “And for a guy who clearly wanted to be the person who "restored the soul" of America, it's past time for him to look deep into his own, pick up a f***ing pen, and do the right thing.”