Johnny Manziel is working out with hopes of a return, former teammate says

Nobody ever wants to say goodbye forever to an ex-NFL quarterback. There’s something about the whole Big Man On Campus thing where it hurts to see quarterbacks hobble into the sunset; it reminds us of our own mortality and, basically, it sucks for all concerned. With that in mind, let’s do a rundown of the quarterbacks most mentioned in a possible comeback scenario:

Tony Romo: Probably retired, but maybe not

Tim Tebow: Currently boosting the stats of opposing pitchers in Single-A baseball

Peyton Manning: Working on his comedy chops to host the ESPYs

Brett Favre: You know he’s still waiting by the phone

Johnny Manziel: Working out and ready to roll. Wait, what?

Yes, yes, we’ve heard this song and dance routine before; Johnny Manziel is really working out and really dedicated and really wants a new gig in the NFL and really means it this time, you guys. And he’s got support in his corner: Travis Benjamin, a former teammate who was on the receiving end of many fine Manziel throws while in Cleveland.

“I saw Johnny about a month ago through this PT (physical therapy) guy we go to in San Diego and he’s looking good,” Benjamin told NFL Network. “He says he’s ready to come back and hopefully he’ll get a shot at a team and he’ll go in, continue to humble himself and play smart and play good.”

There’s not much evidence to suggest that Manziel could rebound and become a top-flight NFL quarterback; even at his best, he only played 15 games and threw exactly as many interceptions as touchdowns (seven apiece). On the other hand, if you’re looking for positives, the guy is still only 24 years old, and there’s room for growth … if, of course, he’s willing.

The only team to publicly express interest in Manziel was New Orleans, and that came back in March with little public movement in the intervening months.

Johnny Manziel with Roger Goodell at the 2014 NFL draft. (AP)

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