Join the Hunt in Bellevlle's Downtown District

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From April 1st to April 21st, Downtown Belleville will be hosting an April Scavenger Hunt led by Scalliwag Toys owners Stacey Kerr and Stuart Long. The Scavenger Hunt invites players to explore downtown Belleville with 15 local businesses participating in the hunt by creating unique missions that highlight local landmarks and historical features within the downtown district. Residents can participate in the April Scavenger Hunt by downloading the free GooseChase app from the Google Play or App Store and join the hunt using the access code 97Z4GP. Players will complete missions to earn points and multiple chances to win prizes that have been donated by the participating businesses. “We wanted to create something that would connect businesses in the Downtown and provide a fun, safe interactive activity for folks to be able to learn more about all the great things the Downtown has to offer,” said Scalliwag Toys co-owner Stacey Kerr. “Everyone could use an adventure now and then, especially when we’re still feeling antsy and confined. The GooseChase app is a great tool to help our community to get outside and play.” The April Scavenger Hunt is COVID-19 friendly as missions do not require players to interact with other players or enter businesses. By using the GooseChase app, missions are completed digitally so no contact is required. All players are reminded to stay safe by practicing physical distancing and to wear a mask where necessary. Each week, the player with the most points will be dubbed the winner of that week. At the end of the scavenger hunt, the top three players with the most overall points will be crowned champions and win prize baskets filled with items donated from businesses in Downtown Belleville. Residents looking for more information about the downtown Belleville April Scavenger Hunt can go to for full details.

Virginia Clinton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Intelligencer