Jordan Klepper Has 1 Searing Question For 'Miserable' Trump Supporters

Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Klepper said Republicans should be celebrating the guilty verdict in Hunter Biden’s criminal gun case.

Except they’re not, with Donald Trump’s supporters instead using the conviction to launch entirely new conspiracy theories, leading Klepper to one “genuine” question for MAGA fans.

“Can you guys rest the conspiracy-mongering for just a second and squeeze a beat of joy out of this? I mean, my God, you’re all so miserable!” he said. “The last time a Republican had fun was when she was kicked out of the ‘Beetlejuice’ musical.”

That was a reference to Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) getting booted from a theater for inappropriate behavior.

“Your political enemy’s son is headed to prison and your mind immediately jumps to, ‘He’s just taking the fall for Joe Biden,’” Klepper said. “Let me tell you something: Nobody is taking the fall for Joe Biden. He falls plenty enough on his own.”

Klepper, who is hosting this week, urged conservatives “take the W” in his Wednesday night monologue: