Joy Behar officiates wedding on 'The View' for surprised couple

Love was in the air on Friday’s episode of the View as the co-hosts celebrated Valentine’s Day in a very special way.

The program gave away a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico to a couple in the audience, then followed that up with a big surprise.

Co-host Joy Behar singled out a couple in the audience, Sarah and Bo, who had been engaged for 4 years and revealed that she’s not just a comedian and talk show host but also an ordained minister.

Behar then offered to marry the couple on the spot.

“If you’re willing to make it official right now, we’re willing to throw in another trip to Cabo and I’ll marry you today,” she said.

The couple agreed and the set was transformed into a makeshift chapel.

Behar took the liberty of flipping the script on the traditional role of the officiant, adding her own comedic spin.

“Do you take Bo as your awfully, awfully, wedded husband and promise to only make him watch the View once or twice a week?” Behar asked.

“I do,” replied Sarah.

“And Bo, do you take Sarah as your lawfully wedded wife and promise to keep your nose hairs trimmed and never wear socks with sandals?” Behar asked.

“I do,” said Bo.

Behar finished the ceremony, saying “by the power vested in me by an online course I now pronounce you husband and wife!”

Viewers of the celebration took to Twitter to weigh in on the surprise, and some said they were thrilled to see the View put a new spin on Valentine’s Day:

But one viewer shared that getting married on Valentine’s Day isn’t all it’s cracked up to be:

And another didn’t think a talk show host should be the one officiating a wedding:

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