Jubilee Arena dressing room project expected to be complete by September

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A.C.S Contracting was awarded the tender by Nipawin council for the build of four new dressing rooms with washrooms and showers in Jubilee Arena for the total cost of $1.5 million with GST included.

The project is receiving about $1.2 million in federal and provincial funding in 2021 as part of a COVID-19 Resilience Stream of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program.

Currently, skaters that want to use the Jubilee Arena are required to use the Centennial Arena dressing rooms.

Chelsea Corrigan, Nipawin’s director of parks and recreation, said back when the funding was first announced that the lack of dressing rooms in the arena have caused problems when both it and Centennial Arena used at the same time. She called the project “a huge asset for the operations of the arenas.”

“There are no dressing rooms or washrooms in the Jubilee Arena area, so all the services are accessed through the Centennial Arena,” Corrigan said. “It’s very difficult to schedule the dressing rooms when both arenas are being used.”

The maximum total eligible expenditures approved for this project is $1.67 million. Nipawin will have a capital expenditure of $446,330.

Potential risks noted by administration could be the timeline of the project and the pandemic due to material availability. If everything remains on schedule, the project is planned to begin at spring and end in September.

Jessica R. Durling, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Humboldt Journal

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