Judge urges Walpole Island man to treat probation like a fresh start

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A Walpole Island First Nation man received time served with one year of probation for breaking into a shed on Walpole Island on Dec. 12 and stealing gasoline.

Allison Riley pled guilty to break and enter and theft, as well as two breaches of court orders in Sarnia court. Riley broke into the shed, fell asleep and was coming out of the shed with a can of gasoline when police approached.

He was in breach or a court order as he was not to go to this property. He was also put on probation on April 28, 2021, where he was ordered to attend a substance abuse program. He failed to do this.

Riley is fighting an addiction, said Defence Lawyer Autumn Johnson. It is his goal to get clean and sober. There is a bed for him at Bluewater Health Detox Centre, as well as at Ryan’s House in Sarnia, once he is released from jail.

Justice Deborah Austin encouraged him to treat this like a fresh start. She gave him time served with 49 enhanced days and one year of probation. One of the conditions is to get treatment for substance abuse.

Blake Ellis, The Independent

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