Julie Bowen admits she didn’t do much to help an injured hiker

Filling in as host on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday was actress Julie Bowen, and she took the opportunity to clear up a few things about a recent story in the news that says she rescued a fellow hiker who had fainted and cracked her head open. And she said that it was actually her sister, infectious disease specialist Annie Luetkemeyer, who was the one doing the actual helping.

Bowen also said that her 12-year-old twin sons and her 14-year-old son played a more important role than she did, running ahead to alert the hiker’s family and assisting with the bandages.

Despite all that, Bowen pointed out just how much credit she has been given in the media since the story broke, and played a montage of TV news anchors singing her praises and even some elevating her to superhero status.

“My superpower is having a sister who went to med school,” Bowen said.

Fortunately the hiker, whose name is Minnie John, is doing well according to Bowen and was actually quite excited to meet the Modern Family actress, even posting for a picture despite having a head injury.

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