Julie Chen Accuses Andy Cohen of ‘Coming On To’ Her Former Boyfriend

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen visited his old friend Julie Chen on The Talk. The two looked back on the days they were both interns at CBS in 1989. Chen admitted previously that she had a crush on Cohen. She explained, “I did not know you were gay.”

Cohen replied, “Some people didn’t, believe it or not.”

She added that she found out he was gay when Cohen was “coming on to” her then boyfriend. She recalled, “My boyfriend at the time was waiting on and you two friends. And he said, ‘You know your friend, Andrew?’ You were known as Andrew then. He goes, ‘He and his two friends were checking me out the whole night.'”

Cohen said he didn’t remember the night but joked, “I will say now, your boyfriend was a very good kisser.”

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