Julio Ricardo Varela steps down as president of Futuro Media

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(Martina Ibáñez-Baldor / De Los; Getty)

The president of Futuro Media, Julio Ricardo Varela, announced his decision to step down from his current role amid layoffs that have plagued independent media companies over the last several months.

“After 9 years at Futuro — and considering the recent challenges that our nonprofit has been dealing with — I let the Futuro Media Board know that I plan to transition out of my current role as President of Futuro Media and step aside from the day to day leadership,” Varela wrote in a post on X.

Futuro Media laid off employees over a week ago, citing “months of economic uncertainty” that has affected the podcast and news industries. The exact number of those laid off was not given.

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Shortly after the layoffs, Futuro Media’s editorial director, Fernanda Santos, announced her resignation.

In his post, Varela indicated that he will remain as an advisor to Futuro Media.

“I look forward to collaborating with the new Executive Leadership Committee in this new chapter,” Varela said in his post.

Varela founded the media site Latino Rebels in 2011 and brought it to Futuro Media in 2018.

Former Latino Rebels deputy editor Hector Luis Alamo tweeted shortly after Varela announced his transition.

“Like/Retweet this if you think @futuromedia should give @latinorebels to me so that I and the team can get back to work,” Alamo wrote.

Former Latino Rebels contributor Cristina Escobar reposted Alamo’s tweet,

“Like everyone @latinorebels, I was laid off by Futuro before their summer break (I guess I'm a journalist now!). And if they don't find a way to keep it as a functioning, in-depth publication, it is going to be such a shame — for Futuro, our readers, and our community as a whole”

Futuro Media has not responded to De Los' request for comment.

This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times.