June 28 Council

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Taber council June 28 meeting BRIEFS

By Kenyon Stronski

Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Taber Times

On June 28, Taber town council’s meeting began with a review and discussion on the Taber Traffic Committee (TTC).

As per the Municipal Government Act (MGA), a municipality is able to delegate authority and traffic rules to enhance the safety of communities. As it stands, the MGA’s delegated authority rests with the chief administrative officer (CAO) and the TTC is where the rules are established.

The TTC meets quarterly and includes a representative from Taber council, the CAO, a representative from the Engineering and Public Works Department and the Taber Police Service.

Coun. Joe Strojwas began a motion to request all traffic control go through council before being implemented.

Coun. Garth Bekkering requested amendments to this motion, commenting only permanent traffic control be required to go through council. Temporary things, such as road closures for events or the like, should be by discretion of the CAO. This motion was carried unanimously.

There is a plan to add solar lights to the south and west ends of the Taber Golf Course. Originally, this would have costed the town around $190,000, but Fortis Alberta lowered the price to $83,616.97. Additionally, Fortis will maintain the lights. Taber council carried the motion to accept the deal.

The Taber Skating Club arrived at the meeting to discuss their decline in membership and their inability to find volunteer help and members for their board. The club delegates stated they were equally as worried about ice fees due to this decline in membership. The group does have ways to make money outside of memberships, like having an AGLC licence — but do accrue other costs, such as having to pay for coaches.

Council offered various ways to help, but ultimately no conclusion was settled.

Kenyon Stronski, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times

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