Jury convicts man who fired at CMPD officer outside of a Budget Inn in Charlotte

A man who shot at a Charlotte police officer outside of a Budget Inn in May 2021 was found guilty of attempted first-degree murder by a jury on Tuesday.

Shelton Jamal Smith, 36, encountered officers in the 4300 block of Old Interstate Road after police were investigating an armed robbery at a nearby Royal Inn.

CMPD Officer Trey Hinton attempted to speak with Smith after Smith matched a description of the suspect, according to prosecutors. Smith began to run away from Hinton before pulling out a gun and firing in the direction of the officer. Hinton perceived the gunfire “as a lethal threat” and shot and wounded Smith, according to CMPD.

Smith was taken to a hospital and stabilized.

A trial for Smith in 2022 ended in a mistrial, so Mecklenburg prosecutors took the case before a jury again starting June 4.

Smith was also found guilty on Tuesday of assault on a law enforcement officer with a firearm and for being an armed habitual felon.

Judge Robert C. Ervin sentenced Smith to at least 27 years in prison.