And Just Like That Boss Explains That Carrie and Aidan Ending: ‘It Gives Us a Complicated Problem’ in Season 3

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Thursday’s And Just Like That… season finale.

Looks like the third time may not be the charm for And Just Like That…‘s Carrie and Aidan.

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Carrie reunited with her Sex and the City fiancé this season on the Max continuation, and despite their two previous splits, it seemed like they might actually make it work this time. That is, until Thursday’s finale, when Aidan told Carrie he’ll be staying in Virginia to take care of his sons instead of moving in with her in New York. He did ask her to give him another chance, though — in five years, when his kids are grown. (Get the full story in our finale recap.)

And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 10 Aidan Carrie
And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 10 Aidan Carrie

How did the writers settle on this latest twist in Carrie and Aidan’s love story? “I knew that she couldn’t hurt him again,” showrunner Michael Patrick King tells our sister site Variety, referring to the dual heartbreak Carrie dished out to Aidan on Sex and the City. “For the audience and for Carrie’s own thought process, she couldn’t… So we knew that we needed something to break them up.”

When the writers looked at their own lives, King recalls, they found their answer: “With my friends, and with the other writers with children, the really great love and the great sacrifice are parents with their kids. So we knew that the kids would be a problem.” (Aidan’s teen son Wyatt got into a scary car accident that spurred his move back home.)

And Just Like That Mistakes Sex and the City
And Just Like That Mistakes Sex and the City

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So what does the five-year pause on Carrie and Aidan’s relationship mean for the upcoming Season 3? (Max renewed the series earlier this week.) “It gives us more story,” King says. “It gives us an open end. It gives us a complicated problem… how Carrie Bradshaw finds her way through this to love.” He also notes that Carrie and Aidan’s final scene “wasn’t a goodbye. That was a ‘see ya sometime.’ They were still very much connected at the end.”

As for what else we can expect from Season 3, King hints that Carrie’s gorgeous new Gramercy Park home has been an inspiration: “I’ll tell you, when I saw Gramercy, I went, ‘Oh, Season 3.’ The first thought I had was, ‘Who lives under her?'”

Got thoughts on Carrie and Aidan taking a five-year break? Grab a cocktail and join us in the comments.

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