It just got a lot easier to buy the Oura Ring

A person wearing the Oura Ring 3rd generation Horizon model.
Oura Ring Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

In a world where there are more smart ring choices than ever before, the Oura Ring still stands tall as the best of the best. If you’ve been thinking about jumping on the Oura bandwagon, good news! It just got a whole lot easier to buy one.

As of Thursday, March 7, the Oura Ring is now available for purchase on Amazon. Previously, you could only buy the Oura Ring through Oura’s website or at Best Buy. It’s never been challenging to buy the smart ring, but its new availability on Amazon does make it that much easier to do so.

The best part? You don’t have a limited selection if you buy the Oura Ring on Amazon instead of directly through Oura. Both styles — the Heritage and Horizon designs — are available, and all of the same colors are, too. For the Heritage ring, you can choose from Silver, Black, Stealth, and Gold. The Horizon ring comes in those same colors, plus additional Rose Gold and Brushed Titanium finishes. All of the same sizes are available as well, ranging from a size 6 up to a size 13.

Oura Ring Horizon sitting upright on a wood railing.
Joe Maring / Digital Trends

Speaking of sizes, you can also buy Oura’s sizing kit on Amazon. It costs $10, but as part pf purchasing it, you’ll receive a $10 credit toward your Oura Ring purchase on Amazon — effectively making it free. You can also purchase extra Oura Ring chargers on Amazon, which are available for $59.

Although the Oura Ring you buy from Amazon is the exact same one you’d get from Oura’s website or Best Buy, it is convenient to have another option for where you can buy it from. You also get the benefit of Amazon Prime shipping, free returns, and you can still get a discount through your flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA). Plus, if you’re an Amazon Prime member and have the Amazon Prime Visa card, this is an easy way to score 5% cash back on your Oura Ring purchase. Not a bad setup at all.

The Oura Ring is available now through Oura, Best Buy, and Amazon, with prices starting at $299.

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