This Just Might Be the Most Pathetic Round of ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ Ever

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Steven Harvey asked Chrissy Metz, “Name something a 5-year-old might ask a bank to loan him money to buy.”

Metz answered, “A new teacher?” instead of answers like video games or candy.

After a few confused seconds, Metz added, “I know you can’t buy people, but…”

When one of the Irwins was asked to complete the sentence “Keep your blank to yourself,” she answered, “socks.”

Perhaps she was thinking of that common old phrase, “Keep your socks to yourself.”

Things were so bad that the contestants were asked to simply name words that rhyme with “clock.” Several failed to pick the most frighteningly obvious answers. So, if a person wants to feel better about themselves, we suggest watching Celebrity Family Feud.

Even Steve Harvey Can’t Believe These Ridiculous Answers on Family Feud:

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