'It just swallowed me': Sinkhole gobbles up car in The Pas

It's no surprise that it's pothole season in Manitoba, but one motorist in The Pas was shocked when his car hit a sinkhole that's almost the size of his vehicle.

Daniel Laye says it happened as he was driving on Bignell Avenue on Friday afternoon, bringing some takeout food home to his family.

He was about two blocks from his home, he said, when his car came to a sudden halt in what looked like a large puddle on the road. 

"The minute my front end got into that hole, it just swallowed me, and then it was just a sudden thud," Laye told CBC News on Sunday.

"The food in the back seat flew forward into the front seat. It was just utter and complete shock."

Laye said he was not hurt, but his car was badly damaged and had to be towed out. The full extent of the damage has yet to be determined, he said.

"I just initially thought I was just in a pothole, and then I went to open my driver's side door and I couldn't get out, so I crawled over to the passenger side to get out," he said.

"I was on such a slant and then when I walked around the car, I saw what happened to the front end and realized the gravity of the situation that I was completely sunk."

Laye said he's upset there were no markers on the road, warning drivers of the sinkhole.