'Justice League' Lego Sets Reveal Villain Steppenwolf, New Bat-Vehicles for Movie

Marcus Errico
Deputy Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Let’s get the non-spoiler out the way first: although he hasn’t appeared in any of the trailers, Superman is alive and well in Justice League, and it’s a good thing. Because the Man of Steel needs a major assist from his super friends to tackle the big bad in DC’s movie team-up: the war-mongering space invader Steppenwolf — who has also been MIA from the previews. But, thanks to Lego, we now have our first look at Superman and Steppenwolf in action, along with the rest of the Justice League.

Yahoo Movies has your sneak peek at the toymaker’s Justice League-spawned sets, which translate the big-screen action into blocky home versions — revealing a few previously unknown plot points, characters, and vehicles.

The trio of sets confirm a few story elements, notably that Steppenwolf is scouring the Earth for three Mother Boxes, which allow him to transport his legion of Parademons across the reaches of the galaxy to our planet.

Leading the way is the $129.99 “Flying Fox: Batmobile Airlift Attack” set, which features the newest member of Batman‘s airfleet along with his latest Batmobile. Lego would only reveal the box art, but that’s enough to give us the the flavor of Batman’s new toy, see Supes back from the grave, and show how formidable Steppenwolf is as he goes up against the Man of Steel, the Dark Knight, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg. The set also includes Parademons, the insectoid minions of Steppenwolf and his boss (and presumptive future Justice League foe) Darkseid, which were first spotted in the Dark Knight’s fever dream in Batman v Superman.

Next is the “Knightcrawler Tunnel Attack,” a $49.99 set containing another new Bat-vehicle, this one a four-legged all-terrain ride.

Lastly, there’s the $19.99 “Battle of Atlantis” pitting Aquaman and his Atlantean guards against a Parademon.

The Lego Justice League sets will go on sale Aug. 1. The Justice League movie, meanwhile, hits theaters on Nov. 17.

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