That 'Justice League' Zack Snyder cut isn't going to happen (but there will be bonus scenes on home version)

Ethan Alter
Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment
Superman in a deleted scene from Justice League (Photo: Warner Bros.)

When the all-star superhero team-up Justice League arrives on Blu-ray on March 13 — almost two full years after justice dawned with Batman v. Superman‘s March 25, 2016 theatrical premiere — it will come equipped with plenty of bonus features in its utility belt, including multiple featurettes and Superman-themed deleted scenes. (Watch a trailer for the Blu-ray below.) One feature it won’t include, however, is the “Zack Snyder cut” that a small, but vocal contingent of DC Extended Universe fans have been clamoring for online and even in the streets.

Never mind that the Snyder cut’s very existence is a matter of ongoing debate, with some sources insisting it’s a real thing while others argue that the Man of Steel director never completed a version before departing from the project in May 2017, at which point Joss Whedon supervised the film that premiered in theaters to mixed response on Nov. 17. Die-hard Leaguers are still pushing for Warner Bros. to whip Snyder’s rough draft into a releasable version, with some 170,000 of them affixing their signatures to a widely circulated online petition.

Watch the trailer for ‘Justice League’ Blu-ray release:

For now, at least, the Zack Snyder cut will continue to exist in theory. On the other hand, it’s very possible that we’ll see more of his hand in the film’s bonus scenes, which appear to provide a more extensive look at Superman’s return to the land of the living. In the film, of course, Supes is submerged in the same Kryptonian bath that birthed his killer, Doomsday, and then soars back to life minus his heroic memory and familiar costume. A quick clip included in the above trailer depicts Krypton’s last son emerging from a smoky background clad in his “work clothes.” Interestingly, this costume doesn’t seem to be the black resurrection suit that Henry Cavill himself teased in 2016, and which didn’t make an appearance in the theatrical version. That costume lacked a cape, suggesting that this is the brighter red-and-blue ensemble that Superman donned to battle Steppenwolf in the film’s climax.

Other closely analyzed Blu-ray features will be a Cyborg-centric mini-documentary, which may hint at the character’s dropped storylines, and a Steppenwolf featurette, where his relationship to galactic tyrant Darkseid — who at one point was rumored to be the big bad in the second installment of what was planned as a two-part Justice League adventure — could be referenced in more detail. There are also scene studies of five key sequences, including Wonder Woman’s introductory fight scene and the four-on-one battle pitting Diana, Batman, Aquaman, and the Flash against a newly resurrected Man of Steel. Oh yeah… and we guess you could always watch the movie, too.

Justice League will be available on digital on Feb. 13 and arrives on 4K Ultra, Blu-ray, and DVD on Mar. 13.

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