Justin Bieber's First Instagram Post-Selena Drama

Mehera Bonner
Photo credit: Getty

From Cosmopolitan

It's been a pretty dramatic few days for the unsinkable ship known as Jelena. Between Selena Gomez debuting her kidney transplant complication scar on a trip to Australia and Justin Bieber hanging with a girl named Baskin Champion behind her back, everything is just a lot right now.

And while Selena dealt with the drama in her life with a beautiful and carefully-worded Instagram post about body-shaming and society's obsession with physical perfection, Justin Bieber's first post-drama Instagram was this:

Like...okay? To be honest we were sort of hoping for a "Selena and I are still together" post, or maybe a "Here's the situation with Baskin" post, or at the very least a "If you're wondering whattup with my long-forgotten pet monkey, LET ME TELL YOU A STORY" post, but guess Tony Bieber will suffice for now.

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