Justin Bieber put in chokehold, booted out of Coachella, TMZ says

Justin Bieber put in chokehold, booted out of Coachella, TMZ says

Canadian singer Justin Bieber was tossed out of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on Sunday after being put in a chokehold by security guards, the entertainment website TMZ reports.

TMZ said Bieber showed up with his entourage at the artists' entrance, planning to see fellow Canadian Drake perform at the show in Indio, Calif.

When security officials wouldn't admit him, because, they said, the area was at capacity, Bieber is reported to have argued with them.

A festival staffer said she would escort Bieber and his group in, but security guards put the singer in a chokehold as they entered, TMZ said.

After an altercation, Bieber is reported to have been ordered to leave the festival.

People with Bieber say he left voluntarily and that they may take legal action against the security guards, TMZ reported.

It is the latest bad news for Bieber. On Friday, an Argentine judge issued an arrest warrant for him, saying the singer failed to respond to summons related to allegations he ordered bodyguards to attack a photographer in 2013.

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