Justin Bieber Throws Punches, Taken to the Ground During All-Out Brawl in Cleveland -- See the Fight

Justin Bieber was knocked to the ground during a scary altercation in Cleveland.

The 22-year-old singer was in the city partying after game three of the NBA Finals on Wednesday, when an eyewitness tells ET things came to blows.

"[Bieber] was apparently talking to the girl this guy was with, and when the guy stepped in, Biebs told him he would f**k him up," the eyewitness says. "That's when fists started flying."

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"Biebs was hanging out outside the hotel, and had been getting harassed by people walking by (mostly guys making fun of him) and hounded for pictures, so he was a bit on edge," the same eyewitness adds. "He had a friend about his size with him, and there was a bodyguard or two but he was kind of on his own, wandering around. Bodyguards only stepped in after Bieber hit the deck. The guy in my photo is the guy he fought and the girl is the girl he was talking to. The bodyguards broke it up and security cleared everyone out pretty quickly."

Hotel security took care of the incident, which can be seen in footage obtained by TMZ, and Cleveland police did not respond.

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After the fight news broke, Bieber shared (and later deleted) a photo to Instagram, writing, "Not a scratch on this pretty boy."

"No hesitation," the singer captioned a second photo.

Fan video from earlier in the night shows the "Sorry" singer out partying after the game.

Another video shows the singer appearing to walk into the hotel with the person whom he would shortly thereafter be caught on video fighting.

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This is the latest drama for Bieber, who last month lashed out at fans who the singer said make him feel like "a zoo animal."

Watch the video below.

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