'Why eat like the Bourgeoisie?': Justin Trudeau's doughnut debacle in Winnipeg goes viral

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived in Winnipeg on Monday, a seemingly innocent stop at a local doughnut shop turned into a viral moment, with harsh criticism flooding in from Canadians.

Trudeau went online to tweet about picking up “some of Winnipeg’s best” treats in advance of Cabinet meetings, with a #shoplocal hashtag and a photo of him carrying seven boxes of doughnuts from Oh Doughnuts.

The shop responded to the tweet, thanking the prime minister for visiting and adding, “Health Canada would agree everything is okay in moderation” and that most of the ingredients are local, packed in boxes that are carbon neutral.

Suddenly, some Canadians were up in arms about the fact that Trudeau chose to purchase doughnuts from a more expensive, local shop, instead of a cheaper option, like Tim Hortons.

While others have now said it’s actually better that Trudeau supported a local Winnipeg business with his order, and the criticism is just unnecessary.

Oh Doughnut publicly responded to the responses on social media, defending the price of their products and stressing the importance of supporting small, local businesses.

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