• a
    Beloved World Leader? First he has no leadership skills, second not sure how "beloved" he really is by many who see through his narcissism!
  • C
    should have dressed up as Bozo the Clown
  • J
    John T
    nice costume, but still an idiot, and beloved, far from it
  • D
    Its arrogant but then again who didn't know this creep was an arrogant mental midget to begin with?
  • B
    He should have climbed to the top of the Peace Tower to see if he could fly.
  • .
    It's fine if he wants to play dress up on his own time, but should be concentrating on running the country during the day without distractions.
  • T
    Turdo Sucks
    The only super power Turdo possess is the ability to squander billions of tax dollars on pointless ventures in his quest for a un seat
  • B
    Bobby B
    This is what you get for electing a drama teacher.
  • R
    Super dooousche is more like it.
  • B
    Bobby B
    What a loser!