Tell us: Is Justin Trudeau's leadership as strong as his image?

Justin Trudeau on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Photo by Martin Schoeller for Rolling Stone and adapted by Yahoo Canada News. 

Rolling Stone is just the latest American publication to fawn over Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with its profile and lament America’s current leadership (the physical copy asks “Why can’t he be our president?”). The prime minister polls better than the U.S. president south of the border. An Ipsos polled commissioned by Global News found that 40 per cent of Americans agreed that they’d rather have Trudeau in the White House, compared to 33 per cent disagreeing with the

Canadians weren’t too far off, recently. An Ipsos poll commissioned by Yahoo Canada News asked 2000 Canadians their opinion on Trudeau’s leadership vs. President Donald Trump in advance of Canada’s 150th birthday. The sway was clearly towards the younger leader of the north.

Canadians also ranked their Prime Minister highly on the global stage. Graphic by Ciaran Breen, Yahoo Canada

But, have things changed? Do you think Canadians still share as positive a view of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as Americans and others around the world? Is he as strong a leader in his home nation as his global image would suggest? Let us know in the comments below or join the discussion on Yahoo Canada’s Facebook page.