Justin Trudeau's latest magazine cover sparks reaction online

Photo from Delta Sky Magazine via Twitter.
Photo from Delta Sky Magazine via Twitter.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is well known around the world for many reasons, but the way he poses for photos isn’t one of them.

Trudeau appears on the cover of Delta’s July edition of Sky Magazine, the U.S. airline’s in-flight publication. The cover was shared just in time for Canada’s 150th birthday, which is being celebrated on July 1, otherwise known as Canada Day.

The prime minister can be seen sitting backwards on a chair with his legs spread open as he crosses his arms. The casual shot of a tieless Trudeau appears between the words “Prime Time” as he rocks purple socks and stares stoically into the camera in front of a Canadian flag draped behind him.

Below is the magazine cover, which has been making the rounds online.

People were quick to comment after Delta posted the cover Tuesday on Twitter. Some poked fun at Trudeau’s pose and one person even compared it to Mario Lopez’s character A.C. Slater from the 90’s TV show Saved by the Bell.

Other commenters seemed to think that the look was revealing the cooler side of 45-year-old politician, who previously worked as a teacher.

At least one person appeared to accuse the prime minister of “manspreading,” a practice where men spread their legs wide apart, potentially covering more than one seat.

Others were mystified by the appearance of the Canadian leader on the lesser known magazine.

Of course, not everyone was impressed. Some wanted to see a bit more creativity from the prime minister, while others couldn’t resist an opportunity to take a shot at Trudeau.

Trudeau obviously can’t make everybody happy, but at least he got a bunch of people to talk about a relatively unknown magazine.