Justin Verlander claps back at taunting fan in Chicago: 'No, you suck'

Justin Verlander has had a lot to say lately.

On Friday, the Houston pitcher found a reason to complain about Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson daring to steal a base on him while the Astros held a 5-0 lead in the fifth inning with a 3-0 count, apparently breaking one of baseball’s countless, ridiculous unwritten rules.

On Saturday, Verlander was hearing it from a White Sox fan while hanging out in the dugout. Apparently, said fan is of the opinion that Verlander and the Astros suck.

Neither of those opinions is accurate. Apparently Verlander had enough of the fan’s false, unoriginal taunts and decided to express his opinion of her.

Those notes he held up are hard to read on that video, but apparently they deliver the message, “no, you suck” to the heckler, according to the Twitter poster who documented the all-around classy sports moment.

So while Verlander’s whining about unwritten rules Friday is aggravating, he made up for it by handing it to an obnoxious fan on Saturday.

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Justin Verlander heard enough from a heckler on Saturday and gave the obnoxious fan some of what she was dishing out in Chicago. (AP)