Kaetlyn Osmond's comeback season has her excited for next year

Kaetlyn Osmond's comeback season has her excited for next year

Fresh off a silver medal at the 2017 World Figure Skating Championships, Kaetlyn Osmond is already looking ahead to next year.

It's a complete turnaround after she suffered an injury that she thought had ended her career.

"I'm so happy that this season has gone the way it has," the Marystown native told CBC Sports on Monday evening in Edmonton, where she lives and trains.

"To get a silver medal, I'm beyond excited. It's given me so much motivation and so much excitement to train for the upcoming year, and I can't wait."

The medal caps a season that was in doubt when Osmond broke her leg in 2014 after back-to-back Canadian championships. She struggled through last season with a third-place finish at Canadian nationals and missed the 2016 worlds.

But the 2016-17 season saw Osmond return to form, with silvers at the 2016 Skate Canada International and the Cup of China before regaining her Canadian title in January.

Osmond says that for her, just getting back on the ice after her injury was a victory.

"When I originally hurt my leg, I was sitting in the hospital, and I said right then and there that I was never stepping on the ice again," she said. "I was done with the injuries, I was done with fighting, and I thought my career was over then."

'It's like I re-woke up'

Osmond said she was having a hard time keeping motivated, something coach Ravi Walia was able to help her work through. She said she'd doubted she'd ever be able to compete at her best again, but Walia — and others — helped her get her confidence back.

"I don't know exactly what happened in the off-season leading into this year, but it's like I re-woke up," she said.

"Ravi was always there pushing me, every single day, and he almost knew when I needed to be pushed a little harder than I thought. And just my entire coaching staff that I have. My friends and family have been incredible. And I've also started working with a sports psychologist, which has probably been one of the best things for me this year."

With the inspiration provided from fresh additions to the medal cabinet this year, she's setting her sights on competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

"Having that behind me, knowing what I want to feel when I get there, is going to help me stay motivated for this entire offseason, making me train," she said.

"It's actually been guiding me so much this year, knowing that I wanted to be at my best the year before the Olympics and even better the year of the Olympics."