KAMM Manufaktur's 912c is a different flavor of resto-modded Porsche

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Hardly a month goes by without a new Porsche-based resto-mod landing onto the scene. Hungary-based KAMM Manufaktur is the latest entrant into this increasingly crowded segment, and it's hoping to stand out from its rivals by customizing the four-cylinder-powered 912.

Porsche sold the 912 as a cheaper and less powerful alternative to the 911 between the 1966 and 1969 model years, and it resurrected the model (and added fuel injection, which warranted the 912E designation) for 1976. KAMM starts with the 1960s variant and modifies nearly everything; there's not much left on its 912c that still carries a Porsche part number. The company's idea isn't necessarily to bring the 912 into the modern era. It explains that its build maintains the charm of a 1960s racer instead of trying to modernize the driving experience.

Each 912c starts with a donor car. KAMM then adds a carbon fiber body and Lexan windows to help bring weight down to about 1,653 pounds. Parts like the exterior lights and window seals are replaced with new units during the restauration, and the 912 gains an air-cooled, 2.0-liter flat-four designed with input from Switzerland-based Porsche expert JPS Aircooled. The carbureted engine develops 170 horsepower, has a 7,200-rpm redline, and spins the rear wheels via a five-speed manual transmission and a limited-slip differential.

For context, the original 912 weighed about 2,138 pounds. It used a 356SC-derived 1.6-liter flat-four rated at 90 horsepower.

The modifications extend beyond the drivetrain. KAMM fits front brakes from a 964-generation 911, Brembo rear brakes, a hydraulic hand brake, adjustable front coilovers, and adjustable sway bars on both ends. We're told the end result is "a truly analog feel."

Inside, the 912c is not as stripped-out as its weight suggests. It's fitted with carbon fiber seats, carbon fiber trim, and air conditioning. Buyers have several customization options to choose from: they can notably decide whether to keep the rear seats and pick a sound system.

KAMM Manufaktur plans to start building the 912c in 2023. The order book is open, and pricing starts at €325,000 (about $326,600).


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