Grab the popcorn: Kanye West's nonstop tweets are going strong

Wendy Geller
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment
Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Adidas

In case you haven’t heard: Kanye West is back on Twitter after a lengthy hiatus.

If you are, by any chance, following the rapper/clothing designer, the rapidly draining battery of your phone certainly will alert you that he’s returned. Since West returned to the social media platform last week, he has been making up for lost time, tweeting a near-nonstop deluge of posts for fans to puzzle over.

Some of these tweets are, from a practical standpoint, useful in terms of his career — he tweeted on Thursday that he’s got two albums coming in June (one of his own, and another created with fellow rapper Kid Cudi and other artists). And he’s showing off sneak peeks of his fashion line here and there, for those who are fans of that. 

Otherwise, it’s classic Kanye at level 11, which means a whole lot of … ranting about things that don’t immediately make clear sense. If there’s any theme that seems to poke through in his dozens of tweets, it seems to be a reach for clarity.

But West being West, he also has an unnerving habit of bouncing from one unrelated topic to another. One example:

At press time, West had worked his way through a frenzy of contemplative thoughts about free thinking, including posting a long series of videos from Dilbert creator/Trump supporter Scott Adams (West himself famously said he would have voted for Trump). He then followed those with this sage observation:

But then he abruptly switched gears yet again:

Feeling a little dizzy? By the time you read this, West will have certainly written at least a dozen more posts — so rest assured, you aren’t alone in your confusion. Fans expressed a variety of reactions to the rapper’s epic tweet-a-thon, ranging from scathing to amused to just plain awestruck.

West has mostly flown under the radar since canceling the last 21 dates of the 2016 tour in support of his Life of Pablo album following his hospitalization for a psychiatric evaluation. He deactivated his Twitter and Instagram feeds in May 2017. 

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