Kaslo council to go after funding for sewer expansion

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With the Village’s Chief Administrative Officer absent, Kaslo’s last council meeting was shorter than a sit-com episode – running less than 20 minutes in public session.

Partly that was because several important items were deferred until his return – but the mayor and council did make a few decisions in that short period of time.

• Council is going to take a crack at getting the expansion of its sewer system underway. Staff will apply for funds from the federal Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program for phase two of the sewer expansion program.

After phase one expansion was completed last year, about 35% of the village has sewer service. The rest use on-site septic systems.

“Partly as a result of small lot sizes and soil conditions, many of these on-site systems have been deemed to represent a risk to public health and the environment,” a report to council says. “In addition… the lack of a public sewage collection system is a hindrance to growth management in certain areas of the Village.”

The extension would occur in the Lower Kaslo area adjacent to the existing sewer system, serving about 55 ‘folios’ along B, C and D Avenues between (and including) Third and Fifth Streets, including St. Andrew’s Church and Kaslo Motel. Improvements to the wastewater treatment plant are also part of the phase two expansion proposal.

The ICIP grant application would be for just under $5 million. The Village would be expected to cover about one-third of that cost.

• The Village is going to engage the services of an arborist to come up with a tree-planting plan for the community.

They’re looking for a qualified arborist who can analyze the village’s existing tree inventory and identify deficit areas; develop a map for a tree-planting campaign for various locations around town; work with stakeholders to develop an ‘Adopt-A-Tree’ program; and provide the Village with recommendations for what trees should go where, with any special planting instructions.

“We want to catch up, by planting park and boulevard trees in areas where there is a deficit,” says a report on the proposal. “A tree‐ planting plan is necessary, and would also help in implementing our tree policy.”

The Village wants the plan done in early 2021 to give it time to start ordering the recommended trees.

Staff will draw up the Request for Proposals, and will find out later this month who’s interested in the $5,000 contract.

• The Periwinkle Children’s Centre is back at the council table. They want to expand the fenced play area around their Village-owned building to give kids more space to play. The Village isn’t opposed to the idea, but the two sides have to agree on just what area of public land the daycare can fence in.

“Ian [Dunlop, Village CAO] informed me that council suggested an expansion on the south side,” wrote Heike Reeg-Smith in a letter. “As discussed with Ian today, we would prefer the expansion to the east. This would give us a level area with some shade trees, which would best serve our needs, for example for setting up some outdoor tables.”

Parking and the location of a shed are also issues the daycare wants to address.

Council decided to discuss the matter in camera.

John Boivin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Valley Voice