Kaslo council, May 28: Youth network painting rainbow crosswalk

Council gave the go-ahead for the Kaslo and Up the Lake Youth Network (KULYN) to paint a rainbow crosswalk on the south side of Front Street at the intersection with Fourth Avenue.

The painting was in conjunction with the 2024 Pride Celebration, which went from 2:30 pm on Friday, June 7 to 9 am on Saturday, June 8.

Council approved a grant-in-aid of $60 to KULYN to go towards the costs of renting Legacy Park and obtaining a temporary street closure permit.

Councillor Robert Lang represented the Village at the event on Saturday morning.

The Village will also fly the Pride flag at Kemball Memorial Centre during the month of June.

Since 2021, the Village has flown the Pride flag on the City Hall flagpole each June. However, in Corporate Officer Catherine Allaway’s staff report, she writes that “the Canada.ca website indicates ‘it is improper to fly the National Flag with another flag, of any type, on the same flagpole.’”

City Hall only has one flag pole. To avoid breaching etiquette while still showing Village support, the Pride flag will be flown at Kemball Memorial Centre, which is owned by the Village. This decision was made during a special council meeting on June 4.

Developing a flag flying policy is in staff’s workplan for 2025.

Land use bylaw

The Village is amending its land use bylaw to bring it in line with provincial Bill 44, which is aimed at bringing more small-scale housing to urban areas. Council gave the amendments first and second reading.

Bill 44 requires local governments to permit secondary suites or accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in residential zones normally limited to one single-family detached house or duplex.

In Kaslo, property owners in the R-1 zone are already allowed to have secondary suites or ADUs (defined as ‘carriage house’ in the bylaw), subject to certain conditions. Bill 44 requires that two of the conditions be removed: the minimum lot size and additional on-site parking requirements.

Only lots that are or can be connected to municipal water and sewer are affected – for Kaslo, that’s any residential land within Sewer Specified Area 1 (SSA1).

The amendments remove the minimum lot size requirement for lots connected to sewer. For unconnected lots, the minimum size will be changed from 510 metres squared to 500 metres squared, to be consistent with existing carriage house specifications.

A lot with the potential for an ADU is not guaranteed one. Staff and council assess applications on a case-by-case basis. A building permit and zoning review are still needed, and minimum property line setbacks, lot coverage, and amenity space requirements must be respected. If zoning requirements cannot be met, a property owner can apply for a Development Variance Permit.

New curling stones

$15,000 will be withdrawn from the Kaslo and Area D Property Reserve Fund for Kaslo Curling Club (KCC) to purchase 32 new curling stones. KCC contributed $15,000 to the reserve fund in 2023, and earmarked it for future large KCC capital expenditures.

The new stones will cost about $33,000, including taxes, freight, and a slight discount from trading in the old stones.

Annual Report

Council went into a Committee of the Whole to discuss preparation of the 2023 Annual Report. The discussion continued during a special council meeting on June 4.

The report is now available for public inspection at the Village office in City Hall, on weekdays except statutory holidays, from 10 am to 3 pm. It will be presented at the regular council meeting on June 25 at 6 pm. Members of the public are invited to ask questions and provide comments prior to or at the meeting.

The Annual Report is a requirement of the BC Community Charter. It demonstrates the Village’s progress on its 2023 initiatives, and states its goals for the coming year. The Annual Report also gives the public an opportunity to learn about and comment on Village projects and goings-on.

Rachael Lesosky, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Valley Voice