Kate Beckinsale fires back after she's criticised for wearing ‘ridiculous’ accessory

Kate Beckinsale’s fashion choices came under fire (Getty/Instagram/Kate Beckinsale)
Kate Beckinsale’s fashion choices came under fire (Getty/Instagram/Kate Beckinsale)

Kate Beckinsale has fired back critics of her penchant for wearing “ridiculous” bows.

The 50-year-old actress often sports an oversized black bow on her head in her social media posts and recently came under fire for it.

In the comment section under her recent Instagram post, one person wrote: “Please take that ridiculous bow off.”

Addressing the remark, Beckinsale boldly replied: “As I said before, take that expression off your bitter a** face. Unless you can't. In which case, condolences.”

While another commented that the oversized bow made the Underworld star look like “a toddler in a pageant,” to which she said: “Lucky old me.”

However, amidst the criticisms, not all comments were negative.

Some fans appreciated Beckinsale's whimsical sense of style, with one supporter admiring her commitment to the over-the-top look, sharing: "I love that the bows are getting bigger & bigger."

The British star’s social media posts come as she is fighting fit following a hospital stay earlier this year.

In March, Beckinsale posted a selection of now-deleted photos on social media from a hospital bed and did not disclose the reason for her stay in the medical facility.

Then the following month, she shared images of herself wearing a T-shirt with the words “tummy troubles survivor” emblazed across it a week after she posted and then deleted teary snaps from a hospital bed.

The actress had been suffering from an undisclosed illness over the past month, and had avoided responding to her followers' questions about her condition.

The Pearl Harbour star - who opened up on her heartbreak over the death of her beloved stepfather Roy Battersby in January - first shared that she was having health issues on March 11.

She then sparked further concern when fans noticed that she had completely wiped her Instagram page of evidence of her recent hospital stay.

In the post, Beckinsale could be seen sitting on a bed sporting the T-shirt while hanging out with her Pomeranian pet dog named Myf, who is wearing tiny prosthetic human hands on its front paws.

She didn’t elaborate further, simply opting for an arm muscles and white heart emoji in the accompanying caption.

Her 5.6 million followers were delighted to see her at home recovering after her ordeal as they offered their well wishes in the comments.