Kate Middleton and Prince William Shared a Subtle PDA Moment in a New Royal Portrait

It's their first joint portrait as the new Prince and Princess of Wales.

Say hello to the new Fab Four. Buckingham Palace just released a new royal portrait of King Charles and Camilla, The Queen of Consort, as well as Prince William and Kate Middleton, who are now the Prince and Princess of Wales. 

In the photo shared to the royal family's Instagram account, Kate, Will, Camilla, and Charles are pictured posing at Buckingham Palace together in their mourning attire the night before Queen Elizabeth's funeral. Despite the somber occasion, the foursome was all smiles, and each couple even shared a subtle, but sweet PDA moment.



Well, PDA by royal standards. 

Upon first glance, you probably missed it, but both Kate and Camilla had their arms wrapped behind their husbands's lower backs — Charles also has his arm positioned behind Camilla, but William's body language was more formal and he clasped both hands together in his lap. 

"Their Majesties The King and The Queen Consort with Their Royal Highnesses The Prince and Princess of Wales," the photo was captioned on Instagram.


Charles was made the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom two days following his mother's death, while William and Kate were both declared the Prince and Princess of Wales shortly thereafter. With their new titles officially in place, the couple traveled to their namesake country one day after the royal mourning period ended.

Wales, specifically the northwestern island of Anglesey, is particularly special to Will and Kate — it's where they lived as newlyweds and first brought home Prince George as baby while William worked as a search and rescue helicopter pilot with the Royal Air Force.